basic information
NAME Redorious Jiyn Michaels
AGE Five
DOB November 8th

GENES Davea|DireWolf
HEIGHT 8’ 7”"

He isn't the kindest, he's manipulative, malicious, arrogant, and has a huge ego which can cause him to be cocky. He's a womanizer, and usually has his manipulative ways do his business. He isn't one for Packs, crowds, or much less attaining friends, however he is usually accompanied by Skaoill; who per say is a brother to him.

64% Cocky
72% Egoist
81% Manipulating
90% Charming
95% Menacing
Quick Wit, Charm, Physical Appeal
Temptation, Envy, Short-temper, No Filter
abilities & skills
He's able to control fire at his will, he mainly uses it for Defensive menauevers, battle, and other related forms of entertainment. Given his pyrokinesis he is able to create a completely black fire. This fire is able to spread and burn fast.

Into The Past
October 13th, 2011, various packs have come together to simplyfy the scarce food source, and rather than waste their limited strength on fighting, they've resulted in tightly knitted alliances. Redorious's father thought best for him to leave the current realm, knowing well that he and his lone son wouldn't get very far as rouges. After a bitter winters travel, they arrived within a large feline pride, in which to numerous being's bewilderment, accepted two wolves within their tribe. Redorious, being raised in the cultured enviorment, based his morals off the current king of the pride, Dhaval; befitting name for his unusual alabaster pallate. As Redorious grew, he began noticing the hostility between Tarrok and Dhaval, and soon after both he and his father were exiled. As rouges once again, they roamed in search for another tribe to keep their health up and when none offered a helping hand, they returned to Redorious's birth place- Wolfhome. A late evening was brewing a storm, and Tarrok had just finished his section of the carrion Redorious dragged inside the makeshift den. As they settled down for sleep, Redorious was awoken by the muffled voices of his father and a foreign accent. A crackle of lightening lined the larger beast in a sihlouette of white. They appeared to be talking, but as red stood he could make out the concerning amount of blood that blight his fathers muzzle. Be it from the beast who also shared the painted attribute, or from his father's own ichor, he didn't know. From nose to forepaws was nothing but what resembled the trickling creek he remembered when he was a yound lad, barely there, but still quietly present. He decided best to return to sleep, but as he awoke the next morn, his father was absent. From that day forth, Redorious hasn't seen his sire much less talked about his family or past relations. -c- .......... December 12th, 2016, winters chilling bite drove this massive titan to seek refuge within the welcomed territories of Coyotel Convel pack, where he and Skaoill reside for the time being. December 23rd, 2013, Redorious has formally become mates with Zuri, setting him as the Grand Alpha of Coyotl Convel pack.



His only companion he's willing to stay with. And though most mistaken them for either siblings or intimate lovers, they are neither. They share many interests and thus this has created their unseperable bond, one which has served them for 7 years now. Redorious met Skaoill by conversing Pack Politics, deciding best to over throw their current alpha and seize power the moment the regal showed misjudgement. Since then, they've traveled far and wide, mingled with various species, and even taken ranks within feline clans.


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On this:
81% Manipulating